Our habilitation program offers one to one support with the focus on helping individuals improve their everyday lives by working on daily life skills within their home or community. We work closely with the family and treating therapists to work towards client-center goals. Examples areas that can be addressed through habilitation include, but are not limited to; meal prep, personal hygiene, cleanliness of living environment, stranger danger and other community safety issues, volunteer and leisure interests, financial budgeting and shopping, and carry through on home programming and prescribed exercise programs by treating therapist.

We also offer an active rehabilitation and personal training program, which helps individuals to improve or maintain motor skills needed for activities of daily living. Our active rehabilitation program includes, but is not limited to; physical exercise, strength training, balance training, and flexibility training.

This service is assessed for and funded by the Division of Developmental Disabilities.  If you are interested in this service, contact your Division of Developmental Disabilities Service Coordinator.  We do provide this service on a cash basis also.  If you are interested in cash basis, please contact (928) 854-5439.