‘No Place Like Home’ is a program focused on building a community of diverse, highly trained professionals with a desire to serve the needs of children living, learning and playing in Mohave county. In partnership with Somewhere Out of the Box DBA Milemarkers, ‘No Place Like Home’ provides financial support and mentoring to professionals currently in our community, who desire to further their training or hone their expertise within their chosen fields. In addition, this program aims to bring professionals with specialized training in to our community by providing financial assistance for training, relocation or incentive. Currently, children with special needs in our community are forced travel hundreds of miles to receive specialized care in Phoenix and Las Vegas. ‘No Place Like Home’ aims to build the capacity of our community to address the unique needs of children right here in Mohave County. Travel places an enormous burden on families, and when a child needs specialized care, there is no place like home.


The mission of ‘No Place Like Home’ is to empower professionals, through financial support and mentorship, to obtain specialty certification and training in their chosen fields. Through these partnerships, ‘No Place Like Home’ strives to increase local access to specialized care, strengthening community capacity to address the unique needs of children living, learning and playing in Mohave county. In addition to supporting professionals currently within our community, this program strives to bring diverse, specially trained professionals into our community, so that fewer families face the burden of long distance travel for necessary care.


Funding is awarded on an individual basis by a program committee, and is utilized to develop a professional meeting a current community need, and/or recruit (through relocation assistance, incentive, or training) professionals from outside of Mohave county. This program will have an open/rolling application window. Interested individuals are required to complete an application process, and agree to specified terms and or conditions determined on a case-by-case basis.
Download No Place Like Home Grant application

Applications can be mailed or turned into Milemarkers, Attn: Bre Synder, 1515 N. Lake Havasu Ave #100, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404 or emailed to